UEconomy Bonus Package – $2,676 in Value

Are you looking for a UEconomy Bonus Package?

You’ve come to the right place – because we’ve got over $2,000 worth of value for you when you join UEconomy Nation!

ueconomy bonus package

U-Economy Bonus Package – $2,676 of the Best UEconomy Bonuses

When you join any home business opportunity or Internet business, you need coaching and mentoring … a wide variety of marketing tools … high-converting sales pages … lots and lots of traffic … and expert advice to help you grow your income.

The UEconomy Bonus Package you will get when you join with UEconomy Nation gives you ALL of that and more – worth over $2,500!

Here’s What You’ll Get with the UEconomy Nation Team …

UEconomy Bonus 1
Private Coaching Group ($197/Mo Value)

What Is This? This is our PRIVATE Mentoring and Coaching Group where you access your ready-to-go marketing tools and get peer-to-peer help and coaching from an 8-figure earner and other team leaders.

Why Do You Want This? Because you’ll have questions about how to get started, where to get traffic, how to turn your prospects into buyers, and lots more. Plus – you want to know what’s working for others – so you can stop struggling and just copy what works.

UEconomy Bonus 2
Access to Project 1000

What Is This? It’s our 90-Day Success Challenge where we help you create your very own “Success Story”.

Why Do You Want It? Armed with your own “Success Story” (like “I made $500 in my first week!”), you’ll be able to get higher conversions. The more money we can help you make, the bigger your success, the better your story, and the more money you’ll make. That’s where momentum kicks in. Project 1000 is focused on helping you build your very own Success Story!

UEconomy Bonus 3
LIVE Webinar Sales Closing Events ($297/Mo. Value)

What Is This? Regular LIVE webinar events where we explain the UEconomy opportunity to your prospects and direct them to join under you!

Why Do You Want It? Because now you have a trained sales professional personally talking to and closing sales for you. You don’t have to worry about convincing anyone or makes sales. Just point them to the webinar – and let a highly-trained 8-figure earner do the hard work for you. We close the sales, you keep the money!

UEconomy Bonus 4
Weekly 7-Figure Strategy Calls ($197/Mo. Value)

What Is This? Weekly high-level coaching call with a marketing and recruiting expert – who will show you how to start from scratch and create a massive income online.

Why Do You Want It? Because failure is expensive – both in time and money. Getting the “inside secrets” and “what works” from an 8-figure earner gives you the gameplan you need to achieve success faster – with less stumbles and falls. If you want a shortcut to success, this is it.

UEconomy Bonus 5
High-Converting CUSTOM Sales Pages ($997 Value)

What Is This? Done-for-you sales pages (for our team only) that turn your prospects into buyers.

Why Do You Want It? Because everyone and their dog will be using the replicated sales pages offered by corporate. Armed with fresh, new sales pages – YOUR offer will be unique and different – which gets way more attention and sales!

UEconomy Bonus 6
Professional Done-for-You Email Swipes ($497 Value)

What Is This? Pre-written email sales copy you can use to invite your prospects to check out UEconomy – or follow up with your prospects over time.

Why Do You Want It? Ever hear the phrase – “The fortune is in the follow-up”? These emails drip value onto your prospects – so they’ll keep looking at the UEconomy opportunity. Each time you reconnect with these emails, you build intrigue and interest – and move the prospects from “curious” to “committed”.

UEconomy Bonus 7
Eye-Catching Done-for-You Banners ($197 Value)

What Is This? A variety of very attention-getting animated banners and button to promote the UEconomy launch!

Why Do You Want It? These bright, flashing banners and buttons are the perfect graphics to post on your blog or website – or in traffic exchanges andhome business sites and blogs all over the Internet. They get attention – which gets traffic!

UEconomy Bonus 8
101 Instant Traffic Sources ($97 Value)

What Is This? It’s a report with over 101 free and paid traffic sources – including the best places to find opportunity seekers and people interested in MLM and network marketing.

Why Do You Want It? You need traffic to profit with UEconomy. This report gives you over 100 different sources for instant traffic.

UEconomy Bonus 9
Rebrandable Viral Report ($197 Value)

What Is This? It’s a PDF report that you can rebrand with YOUR UEconomy Affiliate link. Then give it away – and as it gets passed around – anyone who clicks your link inside the report will be taken to your UEconomy sales page to join!

Why Do You Want It? I build a team of 24,000 active reps thanks to a rebrandable viral report. These types of exciting reports get passed all over the Internet, posted on blogs and websites, shared in Facebook groups and forums – and give you a ton of 100% zero-cost advertising. They do the work 24/7 – and you get the benefit of all of the traffic they deliver.

Add it all up and that’s…

$2,676 in total UEconomy Bonuses!

UEconomy Bonus Offer – Video Explanation

How to Claim Your UEconomy Bonuses

You must join UEconomy through 8-Figure Earner, Jeff Gardner.

You can join UEconomy and grab your bonuses by clicking this link.

Once you’re a paid, active Member – you’ll get access to your bonuses within 24 to 48 hours.

Questions? Contact UEconomy Nation for Help!

Ready to Join? Create Your Account and Claim Your UEconomy Bonuses!

Yours For Success,

Jeff Gardner


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About the Author: Jeff Gardner

I'm an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and High Performance Coach with 30 years of experience. I'm excited to help entrepreneurs create money, time, and location freedom with the UEconomy Digital Franchise!

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