UEconomy Bonuses | How to Claim Your UEconomy Team Bonuses

UEconomy Bonuses Worth $2,676 for My Personal Referrals

Hey, it’s Jeff. Creator of the UEconomyNation Site!

My MISSION is to help 1,000 of excited, serious entrepreneurs create life-changing income with UEconomy.com!

I love working with serious entrepreneurs who are hungry to create a life of money, time, and location freedom…

And if you’re serious, I’m here to support you on your journey!

When you join UEconomy with me, personally, you’re going to get OVER $2,676 in valuable bonuses!

UEconomy Bonus #1
Private Coaching Group (Value: $197/Mo)

I opened a PRIVATE Mentoring and Coaching Facebook Group ONLY for my UEconomy Team – to support and coach you to making your first big money in UEconomy!

Inside this private group, you’ll get instant access to all of our ready-to-go marketing and promo tools – along with peer-to-peer advice and coaching on traffic, conversions, and how to crank out high-ticket commissions.

Anytime you’ve got a question, post it – and we’ll jump in to make sure you get the answer you need!

This type of personal mentoring is incredibly valuable – and you’ll get it a no additional charge when you join as a paid member of UEconomy!

UEconomy Bonus #2
Create Your Success Story with “Project 1000”

Project 1000 is our 90-Day Success Challenge to create a Team of 1,000 excited entrepreneurs in UEconomy!

Our Mission: To Help YOU Create a Life-Changing “Income Success Story” you can use to build your UEconomy Business!

You, myself, and all of our UEconomy Entrepreneurs are going to run together to meet his goal – and create massive success stories during this 90-Day window of opportunity.

The “Success Stories” we create in the first 90 days … our own as well as the stories of those who partner with us… will drive our entire team’s growth over the coming months and years.

Your greatest success comes when you partner with successful people – working together to help everyone achieve massive results.

I want to help YOU create an exciting “OMG! I Made $#,### in My First # Days!” Success Story – which will INCREASE your recruiting and profits for months to come!

When you partner with Project 1000 by joining with me – you’re getting access to this elite group of leaders – who will work hard, with you, to help you hit your financial and lifestyle goals.

Access to Project 1000 is only available when you join directly with Jeff Gardner or someone in my personal organization.

UEconomy Bonus #3
LIVE Webinar Sales Closing Events
(Value: $297/Mo)

We’re going overboard with LIVE Closing Events that you can share with your friends, family, social media followers, prospects, or ANYONE you think wants an “Income Transformation”.

Share our exclusive LIVE EVENT details with your prospects – and we’ll do all of the “telling and selling” for you.

We’ll tell the story of UEconomy and our plan for creating daily income – and YOU get all of the commissions!

Then we’ll do the same for ALL of your referred affiliates – to help you create a growing tidal wave of duplication.

This is like having me “on staff” – working for you each week to close your sales and make you more money!

Between our daily LIVE Opportunity Events – and our 24/7 Recorded Hotlines – you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to get serious entrepreneurs excited and ready to join your UEconomy team.

UEconomy Bonus #4
Weekly 7-Figure Strategy Calls (Value: $197/Mo)

I’m an 8-Figure Earner in the Home Business Industry – having built a team of 24,000 affiliates in one company.

Every week, I’ll “go live” and do a 7-Figure Strategy Call that will a new high-level coaching session where I teach you exactly what you need to know to get the hottest prospects … convert them into buyers … and create massive duplication.

These private calls are for my UEconomy Team Only – and I’ll give you the best-of-the-best income-producing strategies and secrets I’ve learned over 30 years as a solopreneur.

These are the exact same strategies that I’ve used to go from stressed and struggling – to becoming an #1 enroller … starting from scratch!

UEconomy Bonus #5
High-Converting CUSTOM Sales Pages (Value: $997)

The real “Magic” you’ll get from joining me is my High-Converting CUSTOM Sales Pages and Funnels!

Myself and my team craft fresh, high-converting sales pages, video sales letters, and funnels that capture excited prospects and turn them into buyers.

In fact, I’ve already been asked by 3 UEconomy leaders (not on my team) if they can use my newest UEconomy Sales Page.

I had to say “No” – because I’m reserving all of these done-for-you sales pages and funnels for my team members only!

Here’s the Custom Sales Page I Created That They Wanted to Use

If you want unique, eye-catching, and high-converting sales funnels – that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest, you’ll absolutely want to join my team.

UEconomy Bonus #6
Professional Done-for-You Email Swipes
(Value: $497)

My sales copy has generated over 8-figures in sales. In fact, just ONE letter I wrote generated over $1 million dollars in 45 days.

My Point: I know how to write red-hot sales copy.

I’ve already written brand-new email “swipes” you can customize with YOUR UEconomy Affiliate Link – and email to your prospects.

And I’ll keep adding to this powerful email arsenal over time – so you’ve only got the newest, highest-converting sales copy possible.

Now you’ve got an 8-figure copywriter in your corner – cranking out new sales copy to make you $$$.

UEconomy Bonus #7
Eye-Catching Done-for-You Banners (Value: $197)

I paid a top banner designer to create eye-popping banners and buttons for you to use to attract attention of the best opportunity seekers on the Internet.

These animated banners and buttons announce the UEconomy Launch in a B-I-G Way – and get visitors to CLICK to find out more!

I wrote the copy – and my designer turned it into amazing banners that only my team can use to promote UEconomy.

If you want to get your hands on these eye-catching banners during the launch, make sure you join here.

Here’s an Example of Just ONE of the Banners You’ll Get Access To:

UEconomy Bonus #8
101 Instant Traffic Sources (Value: $97)

Here’s the Deal: You Need TRAFFIC to Make Money with UEconomy, right?

In fact, the secret to your success is getting as many red-hot opportunity seekers to see UEconomy as possible.

Now – you’ll get ALL of our most-recommended traffic sources – both free and paid – inside this exclusive report … 101 Instant Traffic Sources!

Inside this report, you’ll get links to all of the best sources for the highest-quality opportunity seekers online and offline.

These include done-for-you click agencies, 100’s of bizop solo ad providers, home business blogs, Free-to-Post Bizop/MLM Facebook groups, Home Business Magazines and tabloids – and more!

This is your “Secret Weapon” for getting all of the instant traffic you need to start making fast commissions!

UEconomy Bonus #9
Rebrandable Viral Report (VALUE: $197)

Rebrand this POWERFUL Viral Report – and Give Away 100’s, even 1000’s of copies to promote UEconomy!

Use this report as a lead magnet to build your list and close sales…

Or email it to your list, post it on your blog, or share it on social media to get prospects and get excited new signups.

Every Copy of YOUR Viral Report will be hard-coded with YOUR UEconomy Signup Link!

So the more people who share it, the more times your link it promoted at zero cost to you.

If you’re wondering “Who will I promote UEconomy to?” – this report answers that question for good.

Armed with this report, you’ll have instant access to thousands of prospects looking for a brand-new opportunity like UEconomy.

Yes – You’ll Get $2,676 in Valuable Bonuses – When You Join UEconomy with Jeff Gardner

If you’re serious about making real money online, you owe it to yourself to take UEconomy for a 30-Day “Test Drive” – and grab all of these valuable bonuses at the same time.

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