UEconomy Comp Plan Overview and Walkthru

Are you looking for the UEconomy Nation Comp Plan?

The UEconomy Nation comp plan is incredibly lucrative. Not only does it pay out 100% commissions Рon both lower-cost and high-ticket  offers Рbut it also pays out residual income through a 12-level deep, unlimited width compensation model.

So let’s dive in – because this comp plan is, as they say, “Crazy Exciting!”

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UEconomy Nation Comp Plan – 3 Parts of UEconomy Commissions

Ueconomy ReviewThe UEconomy comp plan pays out in 3 different parts – because there are 3 different product categories:




Let’s walk through each of these 3 parts.

UEconomy Nation Comp Plan – How U-Marketplace Pays!

U-Marketplace is their retailing software that allows you to sell your own digital products.

The software has 4 different tiers – each with different price points.

$25 Level

$100 Level

$250 Level

$500 Level

When you purchase a level, you’re qualified to earn commissions on that level. If you purchase a level HIGHER than the $25 level, you’re “comped” (given free) each level underneath. For example, if you purchase the $500 level – you’ll be given the $25, $100, and $250 levels at no additional cost.

Additionally, you won’t have to pay any “License Fees” on those comped levels – and you won’t pass-up any payments from those comped levels, either.

When you make your first sale of the U-Marketplace, you’ll keep that first 100% commission. That pays you back your original cost – so you’re now at break even.

Our UEconomy Members love this – because it pays them back their initial purchase price very quickly.

Next – your 2nd 100% commission (and the new Member) passes up to your Sponsor.

After that, you keep the 100% commissions on your 3rd sale – and every future sale to infinity.

Here’s why this is so important:

You’re going to get the 2nd pass-up from everyone who stays on your own personal payline.

That’s buyer #1 as well as buyer #3 through infinity.

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you purchase the $500 U-Marketplace level – and you refer 10 new entrepreneurs who do the same thing.

You’d make $500 times 10 sales – or $5,000 in total commissions.

Now each one of those 10 new buyers ALSO has to pass-up their 2nd $500 commission to you.

So if each of the 10 pass-up a $500 commission… you’ve now made 10 times $500… which is ANOTHER $5,000.

But here’s where it gets exciting – because they ALSO pass-up those 10 NEW UEconomy Members – who ALSO have to pass-up THEIR 2nd 100% commission of $500.

So just 10 people who buy this one $500 product can keep paying you over and over again!

How is that for awesome!

And that’s just ONE of the 3 different ways this pays out.

Okay – so onto the SECOND way UEconomy’s comp plan pays out.

UEconomy Nation Comp Plan – How U-Crew Pays!

U-Crew is UEconomy’s affiliate marketing toolbox – with lead capture page builder, autoresponder, done-for-you sales pages, and so much more.

It’s only $49.95 per month – which, broken down, works out to only $1.67 per day!

Best of all, U-Crew pays out through a 12-Level Pay Plan – with UNLIMITED WIDTH on every level.

Here’s how each level pays out:

Level 1 – $7 a month

Level 2 – $3 a month

Level 3 – $3 a month

Level 4 – $5 a month

Level 5 – $2 a month

Level 6 – $6 a month

Level 7 – $7 a month

Level 8 – $2 a month

Level 9 – $3 a month

Level 10 – $2 a month

Level 11 – $1 a month

Level 12 – $1 a month

As you can see, just 10… 100… 200 or more people on certain levels can pay you $500 to $1,500 or more every month in residual income.

As you can imagine, when your team starts to take off… this residual monthly income can start to really pay out in a big way.

For example, let’s say you bring in a few people – and they each bring in a few people – and they do the same.

Nothing huge just yet.

But one person brings in a guy with a big list – and pretty soon, you find yourself with 100 people on your 6th level.

That’s 100 times $6 each – or $600 in monthly income.

That’s a nice monthly car payment – or even a good chunk of a house mortgage.

If THAT person referred someone who brought in 200 people on the NEXT level… level #7… you’d be making $7 a month on ALL of their 200 people.

200 people on level 7 times $7 each equals $1,400 in monthly income – added to your $600 on level 6.

That’s $2,000 in cash from just 2 levels.

Obviously, this isn’t a guarantee or claim of income. I have zero clue how your personal 12 level team will grow.

But it’s exciting to look at how it CAN grow down 12 levels – with unlimited width on every level – and pay you serious money with very few people.

And that’s not even into the high-ticket products just yet!

So let’s move on to the biggest ticket offers in UEconomy!

UEconomy Nation Comp Plan – How U-Academy Pays!

U-Academy has 6 different digital training programs.

U-Mentor – $1,500

U-Digital – $3,000

U-Brand – $6,000

U-Network – $12,000

U-Live – $25,000

U-Mentor – $50,000

Each one of these products also pay out like U-Marketplace.

You’re paid 100% commissions on every product level you’re qualified to earn money on.

For example, if you purchase the $6,000 product – U-Brand (as well as the “License Fee” to resell), you’d be able to make 100% commissions when you resell that product.

Best of all, you are comped (given free) all lower-level products – as well as earn the right to make money reselling them.

For example, if you purchase the $6,000 product, you’d get the $1,500 and $3,000 products as well – plus be qualified to earn $1,500 and $3,000 commissions on those products.

This can save you a lot of money – as well as position you to make a lot of money at the same time.

Additionally, U-Academy also pays out using the Reverse 1-Up Compensation Plan.

This is POWERFUL – because you can start getting pass-up commissions of $1,500… $3,000… $6,000 and even more!

How the UEconomy Nation Compensation Plan Works

When you make your first U-Academy sale – YOU pocket the 1st commission.

Since it’s 100%, you’re back at break-even!

Your 2nd 100% commission (and the buyer) passes up to your Sponsor…

And your 3rd sale through infinity are paid out to you.

After that, EVERY person who stayed on your payline (buyers #1 and #3 through infinity) also have to pass up their 2nd 100% commission (and buyer) to you!

Let’s look at a quick example:

Let’s say you come in at the $6,000 level.

And let’s say, for this example, you refer just 5 people who do the same.

It could be in 1 month… or 3 months… or 12 months.

But let’s say you sign up 5 people who each pay you $6,000.

5 times $6,000 each is $30,000 in commissions.

Not too shabby!

But here’s where it gets EXCITING!

Each one of those 5 people will ALSO have to pass up their 2nd $6,000 sales – AND the new buyer.

So that’s 5 NEW sales of $6,000 – or $30,000 in pass-up commissions.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Because they ALSO passed-up 5 new buyers – who ALSO have to pass-up THEIR 2nd sale of $6,000 each!

So this can multiply your high-ticket U-Academy commissions – without any additional effort on your part.

Obviously, the dollar figures in this post are absolutely no guarantees of income or promises of any kind. Your results will ultimately be determined by what you do to grow your business.

But as you can see – when you add up all 3 UEconomy comp plan components – you have the potential to make a very large income with very small numbers.

UEconomy Compensation Plan Video

For a detailed video walkthrough of the UEconomy comp plan, watch the video below:

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