UEconomy Review & FAQ for UEconomy Nation

I get LOTS of questions about UEconomy – and I’m more than happy to answer them all. Here are the main ones I get frequently.

Q: What happens to a commission if you’re not qualified at that level?

A: If a new member purchases a product you’re not qualified to earn on, that commission (and new member) will roll-up to the first person in your upline who is qualified at that level. That’s why it’s important to position yourself correctly when you join – because you’ll (a) capture more 100% commissions from all of your referrals and (b) you’ll receive roll-up commissions from downline members who aren’t qualified to earn on a certain level.

For example, let’s say you purchased the $500 Level of U-Marketplace – and your referral, Bob, joined at the $25 level. If Bob signs up a new Member who joins at the $500 level, that full 100% commission will roll-up to you – because Bob isn’t qualified at that level. In fact, if Bob makes a $100 or $250 sale, those commissions will also roll-up to you – because he’s only qualified to earn $25 commissions and you’re qualified to earn all commissions up to – and including – $500. When Bob sees that he’s missing out on higher commissions, he may be motivated to upgrade to the $500 level – and when he does, you earn that $500 commission. Since you earn 100% commissions – hitting “break even” with your very first sale – it’s easy to see why most UEconomy Members choose to join at higher membership levels.

Q: Do the “Phone Closers” make sales of the U-Marketplace or U-Crew Products?

A: No. The Phone Closers (known as U-Coaches) only makes sales for you of the higher-ticket products in U-Academy. They will only take sales if you select that option in your UEconomy back office. If they take sales for you, they will keep 50% of any sale they close – and the other 50% will be sent directly to you. You can turn on and off the phone closing option in your UEconomy back office.

Q: If I come in at the $12,000 level, but want to upgrade to the $50,000 level later, do I simply pay the difference between the two – or do I have to pay the full price of the upgrade?

A: If you want to upgrade to a higher level later on, you will have to pay the full price of any higher level you upgrade to. If you join at the $12,000 level and upgrade to the $50,000 level later on, you would have to pay the full $50,000 amount plus license fee. However, you would get “comped” the $25,000 level in this example – so you would still save quite a bit of money. This is true with the lower-cost U-Marketplace products, too. That’s why it’s important to position yourself correctly when you join – so you get the best product packages, qualify to earn the highest commissions, and get comped on multiple products/levels.

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