UPDATE: UEconomy Founders Launch – UEconomy Review & UEconomy Nation Details

Welcome to UEconomy Nation!

I’m excited that you’re here and checking out the UEconomy opportunity!

As an Entrepreneur and leader in the Top-Tier Industry, I’m always keeping my eyes open for new opportunities.

I first heard about UEconomy from Peter Wolfing, the creator of many popular Internet opportunities, including National Wealth Center.

His wealth-building programs have generated over $400 million in commissions for his over 1 million members.

When Peter flew to Dallas, Texas to attend an event for network marketing company owners, I got the opportunity to meet him, talk about his vision for UEconomy, and find out the specifics of the products, the comp plan, and more.

I’ve got to admit – I was FIRED UP when I heard what Peter was about to launch.

I instantly committed to making UEconomy my largest – and most successful – Team ever.

And that’s after being named the #1 Recruiter in a $100 Million Dollar weight loss company – and previously building a team of over 24,000 distributors.

However, with UEconomy’s incredible product and service line-up… their revolutionary compensation plan… and the leadership and vision of their entire corporate Team, I truly believe UEconomy has the power to dwarf everything I’ve accomplished in the past.

Now, I’m looking for serious entrepreneurs who want to get excited again… who want to commit and build something big… and want to create life-changing income with a sub-Ground Floor opportunity.

If that’s you, make sure you get on my Pre-Launch List right now by clicking the link below:

Signup for the UEconomy Prelaunch Notification List

Also – make sure to watch the UEconomy Launch Video (below) to get a quick look at what UEconomy is all about.

Ready for an adventure?

Ready to join an inspired team of excited entrepreneurs – ready to accomplish big goals?

Ready to create the income to live life on your terms?

If you’re ready, make sure to add yourself to my UEconomy Pre-Launch List Now:

Signup for the UEconomy Prelaunch Notification List

Let’s Go!

UEconomy Founding Member Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner

Update:  The UEconomy Company is kicking off their prelaunch into three phases.  Right now, they are allowing you to get in, get setup & get your team ready to go.  During this phase, you still earn 100% commissions and you get paid on 12-Levels as your team starts to grow.   Click here for the official UEconomy Sales Page

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About the Author: Jeff Gardner

I'm an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and High Performance Coach with 30 years of experience. I'm excited to help entrepreneurs create money, time, and location freedom with the UEconomy Digital Franchise!

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Can’t wait to see what this is all about.


How do we sign up for UEconomy Nation?

Milford Graham

Excellent find, Jeff! I definitely see the potential in UECONOMY and the UECONOMY NATION. There is so much fluff out there and so many doubters now that it’s easy to get caught up in the fake review business they got going on. I’m with you on this because I need that monthlies coming in.