UEconomy Launch Plan & How to Signup for UEconomy

UEconomy Launch Plan

UEconomy is launching through a 3-Phrase Launch Plan.

May 3rd, 2017 – The Founders Launch

This part of the launch is important for two main reasons:

  • Reason #1: To give you the opportunity to build your “Foundation Team” by inviting all of your friends, family, and team members in past programs to join early.
  • Reason #2: To give UEconomy the ability to run Beta-Tests on the systems, software, processing, etc. before we move into Pre-Launch. UEconomy will fine-tune everything until it’s ready for the official Pre-Launch.

THIS is when you want to join – during the Founders Launch – because as a UEconomy Founder, you’ll have the “Groundfloor” position to get prospects excited and wanting to join during this special 30-day window of opportunity.

We’ve already got 7-figure and 8-figure earners saying “YES! I’m In!” – so you want to make sure you’re jumping in, too – so you’re positioned early to make the most money possible.

June 7th, 2017 – Official Pre-Launch

In June 2017, we transition to the OFFICIAL PRE-LAUNCH!

With your own foundation team in place, we’ll all band together to help everyone invite the entire network marketing and top-tier community into the company’s Pre-Launch.

Pre-Launches create massive BUZZ – and with our NEW 100% commission program – you’ll find lots of excited entrepreneurs wanting to join during this phase of the launch process.

Mid-September – Official Launch

Fall is spectacular for recruiting – and with your Founder and Pre-Launch Team in place, this is where you can hit massive momentum.

If you’ve put in the effort during the Founders Launch and Pre-Launch with Project 1K, your team can start to duplicate rapidly during this 3rd Phrase – and you can start to see really massive 100% commission and residual income.

UEconomy Launch Convention

Here is where all of YOUR FOCUS pays off in a big way. If you ran with Project 1K – and worked during the 3-Phase Launch to grow your business, you’ll be recognized and celebrated as a leader at the UEconomy Launch Convention.

This is where you’ll get to meet with our Project 1K Members – and get to share your story and success with the UEconomy family.

If you want to profit from getting in early – at the beginning of what promises to be a massively successful opportunity – it’s important that you join UEconomy now!

NOTE: Dates may change as we move further through the UEconomy launch. This page will be updated with any changes we receive from UEconomy Corporate.