UEconomy Launch Videos Have Been Released!

Just 1 day before the OFFICIAL “Founders Launch” of UEconomy, corporate has released their 2 first marketing videos!

The FIRST is a short UEconomy Teaser Video  – which you can see below…

The SECOND is the full UEconomy Sales Video – with a full overview of the company’s mission, products, and more…

The UEconomy Launch starts tomorrow… May 3rd, 2017… and it’s going to be a massive launch.

It’s actually the “Founders Launch” – which will happen before UEconomy’s Prelaunch on June 7th, 2017.

The Founders Launch is designed to get serious entrepreneurs … our initial “Founders” … set up and fired up to help us grow UEconomy as we move into the Official UEconomy Prelaunch.

During the UEconomy Founders Launch, new Members will be able to recruit new members into UEconomy – and create their own foundation team.

Then, once UEconomy goes live, members will participate in the official UEconomy Prelaunch … growing the company rapidly – while also pocket big 100% commissions and building out their 12-level residual income.

For more information on UEconomy’s compensation plan, make sure you read the UEconomy Comp Plan Page.

For more information on UEconomy’s Products, make sure you read the UEconomy Product Page.

If you want to be notified first when UEconomy’s Founders Launch is LIVE, make sure you add yourself to the Pre-Notification List!

This launch will be HUGE – and I want to make sure YOU are at the very beginning!


Jeff Gardner

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About the Author: Jeff Gardner

I'm an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and High Performance Coach with 30 years of experience. I'm excited to help entrepreneurs create money, time, and location freedom with the UEconomy Digital Franchise!

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Cathy Cantrell

let us know i am getting in u-economy business because i need the training for real

George Vlad
Hey JEFF, you are a real Master Creator & a Genius in Network Marketing, that way I admire you and I’m happy to join your excellent UEconomy business… to share it and show people all over the world, how to become a MI****IONAIRE. The UEconomy is the best of the best and affordable for everyone, at this time, even for a homeless, because the start-up cost is so low, the profit fast and astronomic, but the beauty is that, can get the money back almost instantly, even on the same day on joining. I hope that in the near future,… Read more »